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I'm in great health; good spirits!


The Japanese phrase "ogenki desu ka?" (お元気ですか?) means "How are you?" in English. It is the formal and polite way to ask someone how he or she is.

For close friends and family, the informal way to ask is simply "genki?" (元気?).

People usually respond by saying "genki desu" or "genki!", which means "I'm well!" (at least, we hope they respond that they're in good health rather than so-so or bad!)

At GENKI, our goal is to ensure our customers always feel like they are in great health and good spirits. As a great philosopher once said, "Stay genki my friends." If you can be genki, you can #STAYGENKI 💪🏾


(POP QUIZ: how many times did we say "genki" on this page??? Winner gets a virtual bottle of mylk!)