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Store Mylks Between 1-4 degrees celsius Mylk Lab by Genki

Keep it chilled, people!

It is essential that when you receive your mylks, you remove them from the box and put them in the refrigerator immediately. Think of the delivery like groceries, they will have ice packs, but are not designed to sit out and wait for their owner. We guarantee we will deliver ice-cold fresh mylks, but cannot guarantee it will stay that way after it arrives.

Please understand that our drivers and riders will be strictly advised to never leave the mylks unattended unless you, the customer, have provided strict instructions for us to do so. Your mylks will be sent back to us if no one can accept the delivery in person. Re-delivery will be done at your/the customer's expense.

Please note: if you request a neighbour, your house staff, or concierge to accept your order, please remind them that the mylks need to be removed from our box and refrigerated immediately. Once we make the delivery, GENKI cannot be responsible for your mylks if they are left out to spoil!

Remember, store all GENKI mylks between 1°C - 4°C.

*It is recommended to consume the mylks within 24 hours of opening.