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Raw, Unpasteurized, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Hand Squeezed, Additive-Free Plant-Based Food & Drink

*GENKI’s motto is that our products should be enjoyed by all, including those who normally cannot. So whether you’re raw, vegan, dairy or gluten intolerant, soy resistant or just want to eat things better for you, it’s safe to say GENKI has your back. 

Organic raw almonds are soaked, blended with filtered water, hand squeezed and bottled in our Dubai kitchen with great care and respect. Every bottle is free from artificial additives, emulsifiers, thickeners and refined sugars. Soy? No way. Carrageenan? Nope. Gellan gum? Never!

Plus, we don’t skimp on the almonds unlike other conventional brands on the market. Our mylks contain 10 times the amount of nuts and seeds found in many of the big commercial nut milks stocked at your local grocery shop. You should be able to feel nourished and energized day after day without sacrificing taste. Otherwise, why even drink it?

We’re also PROUD of the short shelf life. Sometimes you don’t need to mess around with what nature intended. All of GENKI’s mylks are 100% raw and unpasteurized, which means we’re not getting rid of the important nutrients found in nuts and seeds. However, it’s important you adhere to the expiry date found on the bottle because nature also intended for food to to go bad (sadly).

P.S. Did we mention this is Real Food? :D

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