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Offices that drink GENKI stay GENKI.

GENKI is dedicated to sharing wellness in the workplace.

The sad truth is, most workers today are too busy to give a second thought to healthy eating on top of all of their pressing responsibilities. However, employees who eat well are employees who feel better, have increased energy, improved mood and decreased stress, and are more engaged and productive in their work (just ask the employees of Google).

As a first step, your company can stock the kitchen and office space with nutritious foods and drinks to snack on.

Office Delivery Mylk Lab by Genki Mylks

Our organic, hand squeezed, Superfood-loaded, plant based mylks help to keep you and your team focused, satisfied and energized throughout the day. And, we deliver directly to your workplace. It's all hassle-free!

No matter how small your office, or how large your company, we customize our service to meet your needs. Choose the frequency of your deliveries or talk to us about stocking your fridges with a weekly supply.

Order as little as 50 mylks per week and we'll deliver directly to your door. All orders of 100+ bottles per week attract a healthy discount (with a minimum of four weeks in a row). Order 250+ mylks per week and we will supply a custom refrigerator to keep your mylks stocked in.

We also offer a discounted trial month to test us out!

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