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Coffee Leche Almond Mylk
Coffee Leche Almond Mylk

Coffee Leche Almond Mylk

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Our Coffee Leche Almond Mylk is a great energy booster. Inspired by Arabic coffee "Qahwa", we use organic cold brew coffee that has steeped overnight and a hint of cardamom to flavour the mylk. You’ll never regret indulging in a bottle before or in-between a long day of work. You deserve it!

Ingredients: organic activated raw almonds, filtered water, organic cold brew coffee, dates, organic cardamom, organic pink Himalayan salt

Benefits: lowers blood pressure, maintains healthy heart, strengthens muscles and bones, good skin care, improves vision and brain function, boosts immunity, may protect against type 2 diabetes

– Available in 200 ML (special order only)
– Available in 350 ML
– Available in 1 L (special order only)