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Ferrero Leche Almond Mylk
Ferrero Leche Almond Mylk

Ferrero Leche Almond Mylk

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Nutella? Ferrero Rocher? Who doesn’t love this coupling of cacao and hazelnuts? The Mayans called cacao, which are high in flavonoids, "the drink of the gods." This is a "superdrink" through and through. Made with a blend of activated almonds and hazelnuts, flavoured with our organic cacao, and sweetened with dates, our Ferrero Leche Almond Mylk will make your heart skip a beat…or three.

Ingredients: organic activated raw almonds, organic activated raw hazelnuts, filtered water, organic dates, organic cacao powder, organic pink Himalayan salt

Benefits: reduces blood pressure, maintains healthy heart, strengthens muscles and bones, good skin care, improves vision and kidney health, boosts immunity

– Available in 200 ML (special order only)
– Available in 350 ML
– Available in 1 L (special order only)