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Matcha Delight Pumpkin Seed Mylk
Matcha Delight Pumpkin Seed Mylk

Matcha Delight Pumpkin Seed Mylk

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Experience the refreshing taste of pumpkin seed mylk and matcha tea combined in our Matcha Delight Pumpkin Seed Mylk. Matcha tea contains a super-high density of antioxidants known to fight cancer and heart disease, as well as the amino acids that contribute to an alert mind without the caffeine crash you get from other teas and coffee. Very lightly sweetened with a touch of organic maple syrup, it’s enjoyable as a morning sipping ritual, a mid-day refuel, or even as a pre-dinner treat.

Ingredients: organic activated raw pumpkin seeds, filtered water, organic maple syrup, organic matcha, organic pink Himalayan salt

Benefits: high in antioxidants, balances and regulates hormones, maintains healthy heart, strengthens muscles and bones, good skin care, improves prostate and bladder health, boosts immunity, boosts fat-burning capacity during workouts

– Available in 200 ML (special order only)
– Available in 350 ML
– Available in 1 L (special order only)

NOTE: please contact us directly if you'd like to order an Almond Mylk version of this drink.